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Skating has no age limit
What is Teen/AdultSkate?

AdultSkate is learn to skate program for skaters of all ages. Skaters will starts learning skills from the CanSkate program, which is a nationally tested and proven curriculum that supports skaters success in developing stronger basic skills on the ice. Skaters who have already completed CanSkate at any point in their skating journey are welcome to join our STARSkate program.

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Why Teen/AdultSkate at CLSC?

The CanSkate program at the Char-Lan Skating Club has been awarded the Achieved Standard distinction in the CanSkate Excellence program.

CLSC is the only CanSkate program in our area that achieved the minimum expectations, meaning that our group sizes are small (less than 1:10 ratio), our coaches lead lessons that are high quality and our program is run to strict standards. 

Skaters who complete the six stages of CanSkate will be well prepared for whatever ice sport they choose to participate in. CanSkate graduates go on to compete in hockey, ringette, speed skating, figure skating or simply enjoy recreational skating with their family and friends. AdultSkate will give skaters the tools for amazing success!

What will I learn?

All CanSkate lessons are built around the ABC's of skating- Agility, Balance and Control. Adult skaters will learn at their own pace and comfort level with the support of an NCCP certified professional skating coach. Skaters will learn the fundamental basics of skating in a way that promotes a fit and healthy lifestyle. 

Skaters will earn badges and ribbons across six stages of CanSkate.

Who will coach CanSkate?

All of our CanSkate sessions are coached by highly trained, nationally certified professional coaches. All of our coaches have valid first aid training and are in good standing with Skate Canada. The coaches are assisted by trained program assistants, who help develop skills and demonstrate and assist skaters.

You are in good hands with the coaching team at CLSC!

What will I need?

All skaters will need a CSA approved hockey helmet. Ski, bicycle and multi use helmets are not acceptable. Skaters should dress in warm layers, with mittens, splash/snow pants and a jacket or sweater. Good quality hockey skates or figure skates will make a world of difference. Skaters who have passed Stage 5 CanSkate skills may choose to skate without a helmet. 


registration opening soon!

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