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A helmet and skates is all it takes!
What is Pre-CanSkate?

Pre-CanSkate is a learn to skate program for children ages 3-5 with no previous skating experience. Skaters learn the basics of skating in a fun and energetic environment. All sessions include a warm up, lesson time and games that involve full body movement to upbeat music. 

This season, on-ice parent assistance is optional. Should you wish to accompany your child on the ice, please email the club to be registered as a Skate Canada member. 

Why Pre-CanSkate at CLSC?

Pre-CanSkate is designed to get skaters comfortable on the ice with age appropriate music and games. Learning the basics of skating in a fun way will set skaters up for a solid foundation of skills to build on however they may choose. The skills learned in Pre-CanSkate can be applied to hockey, ringette, speed skating, figure skating or recreational skating.

Our lessons feature a low ratio of skaters to coaches, meaning your skaters gets plenty of individual attention to help them progress quickly. 

What will my child learn?

Skaters will learn the basic skills of skating; how to balance, glide, jump, turn and skate backward. All of the skills are taught in a fun way that makes skating interesting and fun!

What will my child need?

All skaters (including parents) will need a CSA approved hockey helmet. Ski, bicycle and multi use helmets are not acceptable. Skaters should dress in warm layers, with mittens, splash/snow pants and a jacket or sweater. Good quality hockey skates or figure skates will make a world of difference. Try to avoid plastic or multi size skates. 


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5:00-5:30 PM
5:30-6:00 PM

If you wish to pay by e-transfer, please email and an invoice will be sent to you. 

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