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Skating Competitions


Competition Registration

Each club hosting a competition posts an announcement prior to the event.  The announcement booklet outlines important details including competition rules and regulations, deadline for entries and entry submission requirements.  While some coaches prefer to send in the competition entry forms themselves, others prefer to have the skater’s parents send in the competition entry form(s).



Competition schedules will be posted at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the competition.  This information will be explained in the competition announcement.  Please check with your coach if you have difficulty locating the competition schedule.



The coach is the professional technical expert - he or she is a source of information and expertise that both the skater and the parent can rely upon at competition time.


On Competition Day

A skater should plan to arrive at the competition at least one hour prior to his or her scheduled event. This will allow time for changing, costume adjustments, lacing up skates, last minute chats with coaches, etc.


After each Competition

CLSC skaters will have their picture taken for the local newspaper.  Watch for notices on the dates and times as to when these photographs will take place. Skaters should wear competition outfits for this photography session, and should bring along any awards received at the competition (e.g. medals, ribbons).


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