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2021-2022 Assessment Days


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The Skate Canada STAR 6-Gold Assessment Program

The Skate Canada Test program offers opportunities for skaters at the STARSkate level to develop basic skating skills in four different areas: Dance, Freeskate, Skills, and Artistic.


Intermediate| High Assessment Days are set up at the beginning of the skating season.


What happens when your skater is ready to be assessed?

  • 4-weeks prior to each of these Assessment Days, the Assessment Coordinator will ask for a “preliminary” list of tests from each skating coach.

  • 2-weeks prior to an Assessment Day, coaches will submit a final list to the Assessment Coordinator.  Coaches will discuss the decision to keep or pull assessments with both the skater and parent prior to submitting the final list.

  • From the final list, the Assessment Coordinator will issue Assessment Envelopes, which indicate the necessary assessment fees for each skater.

  • The Assessment Coordinator will ensure all assessment fees are paid and assessment times are known.

  • Results of each Assessment Day are collected by the Assessment Coordinator and reported to Skate Canada.  


What happens on assessment day?



Approximately 2-weeks before your Assessment Day, you will receive an assessment envelope explaining the required fees: Assessment, Ice, Administration, and Dance Partner (if applicable).  Please submit your envelope with payment to the Assessment Coordinator within the specified time.

These fees are used to cover the costs of running the assessment day.  For example, fees sent into Skate Canada to register the assessment results, evaluator's mileage and gift, ice fees, judge finder fees and hospitality.


What to Wear

Females - competition dress or skirt

Males - a skating outfit or comfortable pants and shirt



The Assessment Day Schedule is posted on the Club bulletin board generally 1-week prior to assessment day.


On Assessment Day

Skater should arrive 30-minutes prior to the start of their warm-up if they are in the first group to be assessed, and 1 hour before the warm-up for all other groups.  There is a possibility that the assessment day could run ahead of schedule and the Assessment Coordinator will not hold up the assessment day for skaters who do not check-in at least 1 hour before their scheduled assessment.


Before the Assessment

Generally, the warm-up lasts from three to ten minutes, depending on the assessment and the number of skaters.  During the warm-up, coaches and dance partners spend time with their skaters.


During the Assessment

Parents may sit in the lobby or in the stands. If in the stands, please be sure not to obstruct the Assessment Evaluator's view.


After the Assessment

Skaters may take their skates off and then wait for their results. Please keep in mind that it may take some time before the results are released, depending on when the Assessment Evaluator has time to sign the assessment evaluation result sheets.  A volunteer or coach will deliver the results as soon as they are ready.


Ice Captain

An ice captain is a volunteer who makes sure that skaters have arrived for their scheduled assessments and will call them when it is time for their warm-up.


For further information on assessment dates and times please contact:


Cindy Luck Cornes

Assessment Coordinator


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